Volvo Cars Poole Pirates saw off a resilient Leicester Lions side to register one of their best scores of a troubled 2017 season.

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The final margin of a 22 point victory looked a far-distant dream as Leicester kept responding to Poole's heat advantages across the opening gambits, but once Poole were able to get a hold on their match they proved far too strong for the bottom-placed side in the SGB Premiership.

Inspired by an unbeaten programmed performance by Timo Lahti, only denied a maiden maximum when beaten by visiting captain Danny King in heat 15, the Pirates had good contributions throughout their side with every rider at least paid for a win. 

Leicester had looked threatening as soon as Newman and Bates countered Kurtz and Holder's opening maximum and then Newman helped King to negate the 4-2 acheived by Lahti and Kennett.  Poole went ahead again in the sixth heat as Kurtz and Holder banked a second 5-1 although scraping the boards on the final circuit, Holder almost lost it. But again Leicester had an answer, Bjerre and King this time after Andersen had made a slight error.

Shanes was superb in heat 8 as he staved off Newman who was trying everything to get by but with Holder leading by a strong margin, Shanes' ability to hold out enabled Poole to surge ahead again. This time there was no response as Kennett picked up from a couple of indifferent rides to partner home Lahti. 

Heat 10 saw Holder and Kurtz lose their unbeaten tag as Bjerre nipped out of the traps quickly but Andersen and Starke resumed the 5-1 scores in heat 11. Another Lahti victory was Poole's only source of points in heat 12 but Andersen and Kurtz put the meeting far beyond the Lions' reach with a 5-1 from heat 13.

Newman and Starke were involved in heavy falls in heat 14, both able to walk away after some attention. Newman disqualified and Starke riding through the pain barrier to join Kennett in a 5-1. Lahti was given the chance of carding a fiver but King stood firm in second as Kurtz stormed to victory

Poole 56
B. Kurtz 3,3,1',2',3=12+2
J. Holder 2',2',3,2=9+2
T. Lahti 3,3,3,3,1=13
E. Kennett 1,0,2',3=6+1
H. Andersen 2,1,3,3=9
P. Starke 0,0,2',2'=4+2
J. Shanes 1,0,2',0=3+1
Leicester 34
K. Nilsson 1,1',R,0,R=2+1
E. Riss 0,2,2,0,1=5
L. Bjerre 0,3,3,1',1,0=8+1
R. Replacement
D. King 3,1,2',1,1,2=10+1
J. Bates 2',FD,0,2=4+1
K. Newman 3,1,1,XD=5

Ht 1 B. Kurtz J. Holder K. Nilsson E. Riss 5-1 (5-1) (61.4)
Ht 2 K. Newman J. Bates J. Shanes P. Starke 1-5 (6-6) (62.31)
Ht 3 T. Lahti E. Riss E. Kennett L. Bjerre 4-2 (10-8) (61.34)
Ht 4 D. King H. Andersen K. Newman J. Shanes 2-4 (12-12) (61.78)
Ht 5 T. Lahti E. Riss K. Nilsson E. Kennett 3-3 (15-15) (61.16)
Ht 6 B. Kurtz J. Holder D. King J. Bates (Fell d/q) 5-1 (20-16) (61.25)
Ht 7 L. Bjerre D. King H. Andersen P. Starke 1-5 (21-21) (62.07)
Ht 8 J. Holder J. Shanes K. Newman E. Riss 5-1 (26-22) (61.69)
Ht 9 T. Lahti E. Kennett D. King J. Bates 5-1 (31-23) (61.78)
Ht 10 L. Bjerre J. Holder B. Kurtz K. Nilsson (Rtd) 3-3 (34-26) (61.78)
Ht 11 H. Andersen P. Starke E. Riss K. Nilsson 5-1 (39-27) (61.43)
Ht 12 T. Lahti J. Bates L. Bjerre J. Shanes 3-3 (42-30) (61.57)
Ht 13 H. Andersen B. Kurtz D. King K. Nilsson (Rtd) 5-1 (47-31) (61.88)
Ht 14 E. Kennett P. Starke L. Bjerre K. Newman(D/Q) 5-1 (52-32) (62.75)
Ht 15 B. Kurtz D. King T. Lahti L. Bjerre 4-2 (56-34) (61.81)

Referee C.Turnbull
Gates: Leicester won toss and deferred choice of gates and Poole chose 1&3 in heat 1. Leicester took gates 2&4 in heat 15
Rider of the Night Timo Lahti

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