The 'ReadyPower' Pirates maintained their push for a top spot in the Elite league with a comfortable home win over Leicester and moved to within just two points of second place, currently occupied by Wolverhampton who have ridden four matches more than the Pirates.

With Chris Holder continuing from where he left off the previous night and winning races for fun the Pirates had too much strength in depth to be realistically threatened by the struggling Lions but the visitors at times had the Pirates working hard for their reward.

Holder went through the card unbeaten, his first maximum of the campaign and his 30th for the Pirates whilst their was solid contributions from Krzysztof Buczkowski and Adam Ellis, both registering double figures.

The Pirates successfully defended an early tactical ride in heat 5 when Aaron Summers was on double points. His victory gained six points but the Poole pair of Kyle Newman and guest Michael Palm-Toft were too strong for ex-Pirate Todd Kurtz to be able to make any further impression on the Lions' deficit.

Buczkowski and Brady Kurtz made successive passes in heat 6 to hold their nine point advantage before excellent formation riding from Holder and captain Andersen pushed the Pirates further out of sight of the Lions.

Holder's third win of the night came defending a potential drive-by from a revitalised Nicolai Klindt in heat 11 and with Newman recovering sufficiently enough from getting out of shape to cling on to the third place the Pirates comfortably had all the league points secured. Klindt eventually picked up a win as he took the honours in heat 14, a victory sandwiched in between two impressive winning rides from a delighted Holder.

"For sure I was happy with that tonight" he exclaimed "It is good to feel you've got the speed again and I am pretty stoked with that performance. We've done a pretty good job in the last two nights and must now just keep focussed and keep it going."

C. Holder 3,3,3,3,3=15
K. Newman 1,2,1,1=5
K. Buczkowski 3,2,2,2,2'=11+1
B. Kurtz 2',1',3,0=6+2
H. Andersen 2',2',1',1=6+3
M. Palm-Toft 1,1',3,0=5+1
A. Ellis 3,3,2',2=10+1
Leicester 35
P. Hougaard 0,0,3,2,1=6
A. Summers 2,6,1,0=9
N. Klindt 0,0,2,3,0=5
P. Starke 0,1,R,1=2
S. Wozniak 1,3,0,0=4
T. Kurtz 0,0,0,1=1
J. Auty 2,1,2,3=8

Ht 1 C. Holder A. Summers K. Newman P. Hougaard 4-2 (4-2) (61.87)
Ht 2 A. Ellis J. Auty M. Palm-Toft T. Kurtz 4-2 (8-4) (62.1)
Ht 3 K. Buczkowski H. Andersen S. Wozniak N. Klindt 5-1 (13-5) (62.13)
Ht 4 A. Ellis B. Kurtz J. Auty P. Starke 5-1 (18-6) (61.65)
Ht 5 A. Summers (TR) K. Newman M. Palm-Toft T. Kurtz 3-6 (21-12) (62.19)
Ht 6 S. Wozniak K. Buczkowski B. Kurtz P. Hougaard 3-3 (24-15) (61.63)
Ht 7 C. Holder H. Andersen P. Starke N. Klindt 5-1 (29-16) (61.47)
Ht 8 B. Kurtz A. Ellis A. Summers T. Kurtz 5-1 (34-17) (62.09)
Ht 9 M. Palm-Toft J. Auty K. Newman P. Starke (Rtd) 4-2 (38-19) (62.06)
Ht 10 P. Hougaard K. Buczkowski H. Andersen A. Summers 3-3 (41-22) (61.9)
Ht 11 C. Holder N. Klindt K. Newman S. Wozniak 4-2 (45-24) (61.38)
Ht 12 J. Auty A. Ellis T. Kurtz M. Palm-Toft 2-4 (47-28) (62.15)
Ht 13 C. Holder P. Hougaard H. Andersen S. Wozniak 4-2 (51-30) (61.31)
Ht 14 N. Klindt K. Buczkowski P. Starke B. Kurtz 2-4 (53-34) (61.69)
Ht 15 C. Holder K. Buczkowski P. Hougaard N. Klindt 5-1 (58-35) (61.54)

Referee Margaret Vardy
Gates: Leicester won the toss and took gates 1&3. Poole took 1&3 in heat 15
POOLE 3 league points Leicester 0 league points


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