From hospital to hero, Przemyslaw Pawlicki produced a stunning last lap at Swindon on Good Friday to secure Poole all three league points as they maintained their unbeaten start to the season.

Forced to withdraw from the morning meeting after just one ride to attend hospital for a full check out, Pawlicki underwent a CT Scan which confirmed he had sustained no serious injury and was given medical clearance to take his place in the Pirates' line-up for the evening fixture. And it wasn't only in that final heat that he made his presence felt for, after having been on the wrong end of two Robins' 5-1s, he combined superbly with Josh Grajczonek in heat when the Aussie was on a double points ride to put Poole firmly back in the contest.

From trailing by 10 points that 7 point heat advantage for the Pirates sparked a mid meeting comeback for the Pirates with guest reserve Stefan Nielsen and his fellow reserve Lee Smart combining for a back-to-back maximum score to inch Poole ahead by one.

Pawlicki led Kildemand a merry dance in heat 10 and with Maciej Janowski weighing in with a third place Poole had extended their lead and virtually assured themselves of the Elite Shield, with Swindon facing a negative 25 points with 5 heats remaining.

Despite Batchelor and Morris redressing the situation a little in heat 11, Grajczonek's heat 12 win - coupled with Nielsen's battling third place - ensured that holders Swindon would be relieved of any responsibility for the Shield which was on its way back to Wimborne Road.

The destiny of the league points was still unknown at this stage but respective wins from Janowski and Milik, the latter coming after first Gustafsson had fallen when the Czech and his partner Lee Smart were on a 5-1 and then Smart himself fell in the re-start, ensured that Poole would certainly be a recipient of some - the Robins needing a maximum 5-1 to force a draw.

That looked on the cards for much of the heat with Kildemand and Batchelor knitted together, but then Pawlicki's bravery and determination came to the fore and he found some speed to get in between the pair and send Poole back to Wimborne Road with three valuable league points and a trophy for the cabinet.

SWINDON 45 (45)
P. Kildemand 2,3,2,2,1=10
N. Klindt 0,3,R,2=5
T. Batchelor 3,2,1,3,3=12
S. Gustafsson 2,0,0,FDq=2
N. Morris 2',2',2',0=6+3
D. Greenwood 1,1',1,0=3+1
B. Compton 3,2',R,2=7+1
Poole 47 (47)
C. Holder 3,3,1,1=8
J. Grajczonek 1,3,6,3=13
P. Pawlicki 1,1,2',3,2=9+1
V. Milik R,0,3=3
M. Janowski 0,1,1,3,0=5
L. Smart 2,0,2',0,=4+1
S. Nielsen 0,R,1,3,1=5

Ht 1 C. Holder P. Kildemand J. Grajczonek N. Klindt 2-4 (2-4) (66.77)
Ht 2 B. Compton L. Smart D. Greenwood S. Nielsen 4-2 (6-6) (70.05)
Ht 3 T. Batchelor N. Morris P. Pawlicki M. Janowski 5-1 (11-7) (66.15)
Ht 4 J. Grajczonek S. Gustafsson D. Greenwood S. Nielsen (Rtd) 3-3 (14-10) (67.09)
Ht 5 P. Kildemand N. Morris P. Pawlicki V. Milik (Rtd) 5-1 (19-11) (66.02)
Ht 6 C. Holder T. Batchelor M. Janowski S. Gustafsson 2-4 (21-15) (67.14)
Ht 7 N. Klindt B. Compton S. Nielsen L. Smart 5-1 (26-16) (67.43)
Ht 8 J. Grajczonek (TR) P. Pawlicki T. Batchelor S. Gustafsson 1-8 (27-24) (67.08)
Ht 9 S. Nielsen L. Smart D. Greenwood B. Compton (Rtd) 1-5 (28-29) (68.79)
Ht 10 P. Pawlicki P. Kildemand M. Janowski N. Klindt (Rtd) 2-4 (30-33) (66.93)
Ht 11 T. Batchelor N. Morris C. Holder V. Milik 5-1 (35-34) (67.5)
Ht 12 J. Grajczonek N. Klindt S. Nielsen D. Greenwood 2-4 (37-38) (68.47)
Ht 13 M. Janowski P. Kildemand C. Holder N. Morris 2-4 (39-42) (67.59)
Ht 14 V. Milik B. Compton L. Smart (Fell disqualified) S. Gustafsson (Fell disqualified) 2-3 (41-45) (68.21)
Ht 15 T. Batchelor P. Pawlicki P. Kildemand M. Janowski 4-2 (45-47) (68.21)

Referee: Mr Tony Steele
Gates Poole win toss & take gates 1&3 Swindon took 2&4 in heat 15

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