The VOLVO CARS POOLE PIRATES had the resilience of Krzysztof Kasprzak to thank for rescuing a league point, as Brady Kurtz once again shone in the SGB Premiership.

Having hauled the Pirates back into contention with an 8-1 reward in heat 7 when on a tactical ride with Jack Holder, Kurtz picked up back-to-back race wins in heats 14 and 15 to keep Poole on course for maintaining their record of gaining at least a point in each of the SGB Premiership matches to-date.

Kasprzak had dominated in the opening ride of the night but then found himself on the wrong end of a 5-1 after making another decent start before being picked off by both Wells and latterly Harris. Kennett and Robson then fired the Rockets to another maximum, Andersen unable to find any answers. That prompted the use of the tactical and Kurtz didn't disappoint.

Just one point separated the two sides after Klindt trapped fast in heat 8 and Wilson-Dean found the better of Perks and it took a great effort from Harris in heat 9 to prevent Poole from creeping in  front as Andersen led for most of the race.

Kennett and Robson widened the gap in Rye's favour as Kurtz's colours were eventually lowered and now the margin was again beyond the consolation zone. Bradley Wilson-Dean looked a different rider as he got clear of Nicholls in heat 11 but the race was stopped when Branford, out of shape, ran into Kasprzak shaking the Pole up. In the three man re-run Wilson-Dean showed that first attempt was no fluke, positioning himself well off the second turn to blitz by Nicholls again. That 4-2 was countered by Harris came out on top of a good duel with Jack Holder in heat 12 so again 7 point separated the two sides.

Kasprzak roared to victory in a tough heat 13 and then Kurtz seized on a chance offered up to him by Wells in heat 14 to grasp the victory and keep hopes of that consolation point alive.

He ripped out the start in the final race and momentarily had Kasprzak upsides, but Kennett split them and whilst the winner was never in dispute the battle for the vital minor placings went to the wire. Kennett tried to create an opening for partner Harris but Kasprzak held his nerve and very nearly snatched second place at the flag, but the declared third place was enough for Poole to gain some reward from a very tough meeting.

E. Kennett 2,3,3,1',2=11+1
S. Robson 1',2',2,2'=7+3
C. Harris 2,2',3,3,0=10+1
R. Wells 0,3,1,2=6
S. Nicholls 2,1,2,2=7
R. Branford 3,0,FD,1'=4+1
E. Perks 2',1',0,1=4+2
K. Kasprzak 3,1,1,3,1=9
B. Wilson-Dean 0,F,1,3=4
J. Holder 1,2',F,2=5+1
B. Kurtz 3,6,1,3,3=16
H. Andersen 3,1,2,0=6
N. Klindt 1,0,3,0,0=4
J. Shanes 0,0,0=0


Ht. 1 K. Kasprzak, E. Kennett, S. Robson, B. Wilson-Dean 3-3 (3-3) (57.75)
Ht. 2 R. Branford, E. Perks, N. Klindt, J. Shanes 5-1 (8-4) (58.31)
Ht. 3 B. Kurtz, C. Harris, J. Holder, R. Wells 2-4 (10-8) (57.37)
Ht. 4 H. Andersen, S. Nicholls, E. Perks, J. Shanes 3-3 (13-11) (57.44)
Ht. 5 R. Wells, C. Harris, K. Kasprzak, B. Wilson-Dean (Fell) 5-1 (18-12) (58.1)
Ht. 6 E. Kennett, S. Robson, H. Andersen, N. Klindt 5-1 (23-13) (57.75)
Ht. 7 B. Kurtz (TR), J. Holder, S. Nicholls, R. Branford 1-8 (24-21) (57.37)
Ht. 8 N. Klindt, S. Robson, B. Wilson-Dean, E. Perks 2-4 (26-25) (57.32)
Ht. 9 C. Harris, H. Andersen, R. Wells, N. Klindt 4-2 (30-27) (57.34)
Ht. 10 E. Kennett, S. Robson, B. Kurtz, J. Holder (Fell) 5-1 (35-28) (awd)
Ht. 11 B. Wilson-Dean, S. Nicholls, K. Kasprzak, R. Branford (Fell d/q) 2-4 (37-32) (58.1)
Ht. 12 C. Harris, J. Holder, E. Perks, N. Klindt 4-2 (41-34) (58.12)
Ht. 13 K. Kasprzak, S. Nicholls, E. Kennett, H. Andersen 3-3 (44-37) (57.57)
Ht. 14 B. Kurtz, R. Wells, R. Branford, J. Shanes 3-3 (47-40) (58.32)
Ht. 15 B. Kurtz, E. Kennett, K. Kasprzak, C. Harris 2-4 (49-44) (58.09)

Referee Barbara Horley
Gates: Poole win toss and take 2&4. Rye House take 2&4 in heat 15
RYE HOUSE 3 league point POOLE 1 league point
Rider of the Night: Brady Kurtz


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