A moment of desperate bad luck for Poole reserve Stefan Nielsen when his throttle grip worked lose causing him to lose power out of the second turn of the last lap of heat 14 whilst leading effectively ended any hopes of Poole claiming a league win for which their lesser lights had worked tirelessly for at Rye House.

Nielsen and fellow reserve Mateusz Szczepaniak had early put the Pirates ahead against the Rockets with a 5-1 from heat 2 and whilst former Pirates Krzysztof Kasprzak and Edward negated that advantage in the third Nielsen then produced a stunning ride to get clear of Rocket Scott Nicholls who was on a mission after passing latest Poole new boy Richie Worrall. It took two heats before the home side could draw level again and they looked on target to establish a four point lead of their own until Woryna delivered a little piece of magic to go out wide and sneak round an unsuspecting Jakobsen.

Sundstrom, having arguably his best meeting in Poole colours was enjoying being back at the track where his British career began and with Nielsen by his side the Pirates again edged back into the lead with a 5-1 at the half way point and quickly built on that advantage through Szczepaniak and Worrall leaving Kasprzak disinterested at the rear.

But the inconsistent Harris and partner Aaron Summers combined to claw four of the deficit back at the expense of Woryna and Nielsen, a result that Nicholls and Jakobsen replicated in heat 11 over Kurtz and Sundstrom, as the pendulum swung back in favour of the home side at 34-32.

Another wide sweeping move by Woryna took him to the front but a determined effort by Szczepaniak was denied on the line and the heat was shared, as too was heat 13 with Nicholls leading Kurtz home and Worrall too strong for Harris.

Heat 14 was marred by a crash between Grajczonek and Jakobsen, the Poole skipper seemingly losing power and straightening up a the third turn forcing Jakobsen off the side of his machine and taking a blow to the head. Grajczonek was disqualified from the re-start whilst the Rockets had to deploy Clegg as a reserve replacement for Jakobsen.

From a Poole perspective things were going exceptionally well as Nielsen got the better of the Rye duo as he came off turn two and established a decent lead, but then on the fourth lap he lost power in a similar position to where he had accelerated away from on the opening lap, only to reveal afterwards that the grip on his throttle had worked loose which meant he had no control. That allowed Kennett and Clegg in for a 5-1 and a six point advantage going into the final heat. Kasprzak took the flag in that one ahead but Woryna and Worrall made certain Poole would walk away with a league point as they held out Nicholls, and whilst a point is better than nothing it was less than what the Pirates deserved.

C. Harris 0,3,3,0=6
A. Summers 3,1,1,2'=7+1
K. Kasprzak 3,3,0,2,3=11
E. Kennett 2',R,1,3=6+1
S. Nicholls 2,3,2',3,0=10+1
N. Busk-Jakobsen 1,1,3,1'=6+1
M. Clegg 0,0,0,2'=2+1

B. Kurtz 2,2,0,2=6
L. Sundstrom 1',1',3,1=6+2
K. Woryna 0,2,1,3,2=8
J. Grajczonek 1,R,XD=1
R. Worrall 1,2,2',1',1'=7+3
M. Szczepaniak 3,0,3,0=6
S. Nielsen 2',3,2',0,1=8+2

Ht 1:  A. Summers,  B. Kurtz,  L. Sundstrom,  C. Harris 3-3  3-3 [no time]
Ht 2:  M. Szczepaniak,  S. Nielsen,  N. Busk-Jakobsen,  M. Clegg 1-5  4-8 [57.59]
Ht 3:  K. Kasprzak,  E. Kennett,  J. Grajczonek,  K. Woryna 5-1  9-9 [56.81]
Ht 4:  S. Nielsen,  S. Nicholls,  R. Worrall,  M. Clegg 2-4  11-13 [56.65]
Ht 5:  K. Kasprzak,  B. Kurtz,  L. Sundstrom,  E. Kennett  (Rtd) 3-3  14-16 [56.2]
Ht 6:  C. Harris,  R. Worrall,  A. Summers,  M. Szczepaniak 4-2  18-18 [56.37]
Ht 7:  S. Nicholls,  K. Woryna,  N. Busk-Jakobsen,  J. Grajczonek  (Rtd) 4-2  22-20 [58]
Ht 8:  L. Sundstrom,  S. Nielsen,  A. Summers,  M. Clegg 1-5  23-25 [57.66]
Ht 9:  M. Szczepaniak,  R. Worrall,  E. Kennett,  K. Kasprzak 1-5  24-30 [56.7]
Ht 10:  C. Harris,  A. Summers,  K. Woryna,  S. Nielsen 5-1  29-31 [56.93]
Ht 11:  N. Busk-Jakobsen,  S. Nicholls,  L. Sundstrom,  B. Kurtz 5-1  34-32 [58.21]
Ht 12:  K. Woryna,  K. Kasprzak,  N. Busk-Jakobsen,  M. Szczepaniak 3-3  37-35 [56.81]
Ht 13:  S. Nicholls,  B. Kurtz,  R. Worrall,  C. Harris 3-3  40-38 [56.94]
Ht 14: Kennett,  M. Clegg,  S. Nielsen,  J. Grajczonek (D/Q) 5-1  45-39 [58.94]
Ht 15:  K. Kasprzak,  K. Woryna,  R. Worrall,  S. Nicholls 3-3  48-42 []

Referee Chris Durno
Gates: POOLE won toss and chose gates 2&4 | RYE HOUSE took gates 1&3 in heat 15
League Points RYE HOUSE 3 POOLE 0
Rider of the Night: Stefan Nielsen

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