The glittering Stars of Norfolk proved that lightning can strike twice as they repeated the feat of Coventry seven days ago by clinching a match-winning maximum heat score in heat 15 at Wimborne Road to leave defending Elite league champions pointless at home.

Having never led the meeting until the moment when Poole skipper Darcy Ward erred on the pit turn of the first lap of heat 15, league leaders King's Lynn stole all the league points as Niels-Kristian Iversen and Rory Schlein knitted together to defend any attacks that the chasing Ward might address on them.

Always billed as a tough encounter the visitors kept Poole on a tight rein despite an awarded heat 1 going Poole's way when Niklas Porsing fell on his second lap and showed no effort in trying to clear the track. With the Pirates' pair of Ward and Milik leading the way referee Graham Reeve stopped the heat early but declared the result. So when guest Lewis Bridger launched a splendid round the board ride in heat 3 to set-up another heat advantage for Poole after a shared fast track rider heat, the early six point lead was encouraging.

But Lynn aren't top by chance and Porsing and Kerr quickly eroded four of their deficit. The next phase of the meeting was a sequence of half a dozen shared heats with the highlights being Kyle Newman's sharp gate in heat 9 to avenge for his earlier heat 2 defeat by Lewis Kerr and Ward's ruthless attack on fellow Aussie Rory Schlein in the tenth.

Guest Bridger threw all his worth into efforts to try and overhaul Iversen in heat 11 but had to settle for third place although Pawlicki's win allowed Poole to widen the gap to four points.

Once Vaclav Milik fell in heat 12 it needed a big ride from Newman if Poole were to maintain that margin and for two laps the local lad looked set to deliver. But Porsing then found a way through and on the final circuit Kerr found the speed to get by the sole Pirate who had to limp a chainless machine to the line, along with the agony of knowing the match was now all square.

A vital 5-1 for the Pirates was produced through Ward and Bridger but Kerr's heat 14 win over a subdued Grajczonek left the meeting verdict on a knife-edge.

Poole went for big-guns Ward and Pawlicki whilst the solid pair of Iversen and Schlein were representing the visitors. It was Ward first to show, just what the Pirates needed but a mistake round the pit-turn, just as he had done 7 days previously, checked him back and the grateful Stars took up the invitation to steal all three league points.

D. Ward 3,1',3,3,1=11+1
V. Milik 2',3,0,FDq=5+1
P. Pawlicki 1,3,2,3,0=9
J. Grajczonek 1,0,1',2=4+1
L. Bridger 3,2,1,2'=8+1
K. Newman 2,0,3,1,0=6
B. Hopwood 1',0,0=1+1
N. Iversen 1,1',2,1,3=8+1
N. Porsing FDq,3,FDq,3=6
R. Schlein 2,3,3,2,2'=12+1
R. Lambert 0,2,0,1=3
K. Bjerre 0,2,1',0=3+1
L. Kerr 3,2',2,2',3=12+2
B. Morley 0,1',1'=2+2

Ht 1 D. Ward V. Milik N. Iversen N. Porsing (Fell d/q) 5-1 (5-1) (awd)
Ht 2 L. Kerr K. Newman B. Hopwood B. Morley 3-3 (8-4) (61.06)
Ht 3 L. Bridger R. Schlein P. Pawlicki K. Bjerre 4-2 (12-6) (60.75)
Ht 4 N. Porsing L. Kerr J. Grajczonek K. Newman 1-5 (13-11) (61.03)
Ht 5 R. Schlein L. Bridger D. Ward R. Lambert 3-3 (16-14) (60.89)
Ht 6 P. Pawlicki K. Bjerre N. Iversen J. Grajczonek 3-3 (19-17) (60.5)
Ht 7 V. Milik R. Lambert B. Morley B. Hopwood 3-3 (22-20) (61.47)
Ht 8 R. Schlein P. Pawlicki J. Grajczonek N. Porsing (Fell d/q) 3-3 (25-23) (61.22)
Ht 9 K. Newman L. Kerr B. Morley B. Hopwood 3-3 (28-26) (62.19)
Ht 10 D. Ward R. Schlein K. Bjerre V. Milik 3-3 (31-29) (60.81)
Ht 11 P. Pawlicki N. Iversen L. Bridger R. Lambert 4-2 (35-31) (61.31)
Ht 12 N. Porsing L. Kerr K. Newman V. Milik (Fell d/q) 1-5 (36-36) (61.81)
Ht 13 D. Ward L. Bridger N. Iversen K. Bjerre 5-1 (41-37) (60.94)
Ht 14 L. Kerr J. Grajczonek R. Lambert K. Newman 2-4 (43-41) (61.94)
Ht 15 N. Iversen R.Schlein D.Ward, P.Pawlicki 1-5 (44-46)

Referee: Mr Graham Reeve
Gates:  King's Lynn won toss and took gates 1&3 . Poole  take  1&3 in heat 15

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