The 'Volvo Cars' Poole Pirates came through a nail-biting last heat decider to collect three valuable points against the Leicester Lions.

In an evenly balanced contest that had both sides countering each other's heat scores with great regularity, the Pirates had the trump card in their reserve Nicolai Klindt.


Returning to his old stomping crowd, Klindt who has been scoring freely across the globe in the last few weeks, rattled off another paid 18 score, missing out on paid maximum when he ran a last place in heat 12.


Both sides had decided to make reserve switches in that heat, Klindt for Woryna as far as the Pirates were concerned and James Sarjeant for Todd Kurtz and it proved that the Leicester camp had most to cheer about as Klindt found his preferred move up the inside being closed off whilst Sarjeant fended off the incessant pressure from Frederik Jakobsen, to support Charles Wright on a lead-taking 5-1 for the home side.


The unbeaten Kenneth Bjerre fell in heat 13 allowing Poole to share the heat and the meeting was taken into a last heat decider, with the scores level, after Klindt had stormed out clear in heat 14 missing the drama unfold behind him. Piesczek and Richie Worrall tangled on the top turn late on and both went down. The referee ruled that the Pole was the primary cause and awarded the result in the Pirates' favour as a 5-1.


With most of the results determined from the gate when the Pirates had choice of starting positions in the decider the pendulum swung in their favour and the Special K recipe of Klindt and Kurtz didnt disappoint against the Lions' Danish duo of Bjerre and Andersen and the Pirates were able to celebrate as Three Points were coming home."


K.Bjerre 3,2',2',F,1=8+2
R.Wells 2',3,1,3=9+1
C.Wright 2',0,2,3=7+1
K.Pieszczek 3,1,0,FD=4
H.Andersen 2,3,3,3,0=11
J.Sarjeant 1,0,0,2',1=4+1
T.Kurtz R,0,0=0
B.Kurtz 0,3,2,2,2'=9+1
J.Grajczonek 1,2',3,1'=7+2
K.Woryna R,1',0=1+1
R.Worrall 1,2,1,2'=6+1
L.Sundstrom 1,1,1,1'=4+1
F.Jakobsen 2',0,1=3+1
N.Klindt 3,3,2',3,0,3,3=17+1


Ht 1:  K.Bjerre,  R.Wells,  J.Grajczonek,  B.Kurtz |5-1 | 5-1 [60.94]
Ht 2:  N.Klindt,  F.Jakobsen,  J.Sarjeant,  T.Kurtz  (Rtd) |1-5 | 6-6 [61.57]
Ht 3:  K.Pieszczek,  C.Wright,  R.Worrall,  K.Woryna  (Rtd) |5-1 | 11-7 [62.94]
Ht 4:  N.Klindt,  H.Andersen,  L.Sundstrom,  T.Kurtz |2-4 | 13-11 [62.25]
Ht 5:  B.Kurtz,  J.Grajczonek,  K.Pieszczek,  C.Wright |1-5 | 14-16 [62]
Ht 6:  R.Wells,  K.Bjerre,  L.Sundstrom,  F.Jakobsen |5-1 | 19-17 [62.5]
Ht 7:  H.Andersen,  R.Worrall,  K.Woryna,  J.Sarjeant |3-3 | 22-20 [62.38]
Ht 8:  J.Grajczonek,  N.Klindt,  R.Wells,  T.Kurtz |1-5 | 23-25 [62.88]
Ht 9:  N.Klindt (RS),  C.Wright,  L.Sundstrom,  K.Pieszczek |2-4 | 25-29 [62.19]
Ht 10:  R.Wells,  K.Bjerre,  R.Worrall,  K.Woryna |5-1 | 30-30 [62.25]
Ht 11:  H.Andersen,  B.Kurtz,  J.Grajczonek,  J.Sarjeant |3-3 | 33-33 [62.38]
Ht 12:  C.Wright,  J.Sarjeant (RS),  F.Jakobsen,  N.Klindt (RS) |5-1 | 38-34 [62.87]
Ht 13:  H.Andersen,  B.Kurtz,  L.Sundstrom,  K.Bjerre  (Fell) |3-3 | 41-37 [62.19]
Ht 14:  N.Klindt,  R.Worrall,  J.Sarjeant,  K.Pieszczek  (Fell d/q) |1-5 | 42-42 [awd]
Ht 15:  N.Klindt,  B.Kurtz,  K.Bjerre,  H.Andersen |1-5 | 43-47 [0]0
Referee Mick Bates
Gates: LEICESTER won toss and chose gates 1&3 | 8 took gates 1&3 in heat 15
League Points LEICESTER 0 POOLE 3
Rider of the Night: Nicolai Klindt

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