Poole's SGB Premiership play-off hopes were given another huge boost with a massive home victory as the 'Volvo Cars' Poole Pirates sent King's Lynn packing with a 61-29 triumph.

An opening triple volley of 5-1 heat scores for the Pirates helped Poole make light work of the Stars on a night that saw Poole provide 9 of the race winners and number one Brady Kurtz rack up a perfect four ride maximum. But Kurtz had great back-up as Richie Worrall dropped just two points in his five outings, both to British Champion Robert Lambert, the youngster also denying Poole reserve Kacper Woryna a full house too.

The one Poole rider not to win a race, Chris Harris, was probably the main hero of the evening as he remarkably escaped a horror-crash in heat 7 which saw him lose control of the bike at the end of the first lap and had no chance of getting his bike down safely. As he hit the deck the pursuing Ty Proctor couldn't avoid  catching the stricken Harris and also went down hard. Staggeringly, both riders picked themselves up and returned to the pits, Proctor forced to withdraw with a shoulder injury but Harris, after sitting out his disqualification, bravely battling on and being in the thick of the action across his remaining three rides.

Arguably the race of night though featured ex-Pirate Kyle Newman who led for most of heat 8, blocking out every move that Grajczonek and Jakobsen tried to make on him, be it from the outside or inside. But the Pirates' insistence on forcing an opening paid off and they went either side of Newman to set up the fourth of six maximum heat scores the Dorset side registered.


B.Kurtz 3,3,3,3=12
J.Grajczonek 2',1,3,1=7+1
N.Klindt 3,0,1,2'=6+1
R.Worrall 2',2,3,3,2=12+1
C.Harris 2,FD,1',2',1'=6+3
K.Woryna 3,3,2,2'=10+1
F.Jakobsen 2',1',2',3=8+3

R.Lambert 1,3,2,3,0,3=12
M.Palm-Toft 0,1,1,2,0=4
T.Proctor R
T.Jorgensen 1,2,0=3
N.Iversen 3,2,0,1,0=6
S.Lambert 0,0,1',0,R=1+1
K.Newman 1,0,0,1,1=3

Ht 1:  B.Kurtz,  J.Grajczonek,  R.Lambert,  M.Palm-Toft 5-1  5-1 58.84
Ht 2:  K.Woryna,  F.Jakobsen,  K.Newman,  S.Lambert 5-1  10-2 59.34
Ht 3:  N.Klindt,  R.Worrall,  T.Jorgensen,  T.Proctor  (Rtd) 5-1  15-3 59.38
Ht 4:  N.Iversen,  C.Harris,  F.Jakobsen,  K.Newman 3-3  18-6 59.75
Ht 5:  R.Lambert,  R.Worrall,  M.Palm-Toft,  N.Klindt 2-4  20-10 59.28
Ht 6:  B.Kurtz,  N.Iversen,  J.Grajczonek,  S.Lambert 4-2  24-12 59.85
Ht 7:  K.Woryna,  T.Jorgensen,  S.Lambert (RS),  C.Harris  (Fell d/q) 3-3  27-15 60.34
Ht 8:  J.Grajczonek,  F.Jakobsen,  M.Palm-Toft,  K.Newman 5-1  32-16 61.56
Ht 9:  R.Worrall,  R.Lambert  (TS),  N.Klindt,  N.Iversen 4-2  36-18  59.94
Ht 10:  B.Kurtz,  M.Palm-Toft  (RR),  J.Grajczonek,  T.Jorgensen 4-2  40-20  60.5
Ht 11:  R.Lambert,  K.Woryna,  C.Harris,  M.Palm-Toft 3-3  43-23  60.47
Ht 12:  F.Jakobsen,  N.Klindt,  K.Newman  (RR),  S.Lambert 5-1  48-24  61.37
Ht 13:  B.Kurtz,  C.Harris,  N.Iversen,  R.Lambert 5-1  53-25  60.47
Ht 14:  R.Worrall,  K.Woryna,  K.Newman,  S.Lambert  (Rtd) 5-1  58-26  61.25
Ht 15:  R.Lambert,  R.Worrall,  C.Harris,  N.Iversen 3-3  61-29  60.69
Referee Chris Durno
Gates: POOLE won toss and chose gates 1&3  8 took gates 2&4 in heat 15
League Points POOLE 3 KING'S LYNN 0
Rider of the Night: Brady Kurtz

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