The 2017 Darcy Ward Invitational Meeting was abandoned after 8 heats due to unsatisfactory track conditions.

The bad weather during the week that resulted in the club's Press and Practice day being limited to just interviews and photo-calls and no on-track action, left the circuit extremely inconsistent and, in the words of Chris Holder "like a sponge on the first turn".

Externsive curation work during breaks between the heats was carried out in earnest but in the interests of rider's safety the regrettable decision was made that the meeting could not continue.

Local lad Kyle Newman aggravated a shoulder injury when he fell in his first ride and was forced to withdraw from the meeting which was already a rider down when Manchester-based Josh Grajczonek found himself caught up in motorway closures en-route to Poole.

All riders expressed their reluctance to have to halt the racing with Holder rightly saying that "as riders we want to be here again to help support Darcy but quite honestly the track was unrideable and dangerous to us. We regret to have to make this call but as this meeting is all about an injured rider it would be foolish to continue."


Heat details

Ht.1 Hans Andersen,Dave Watt,Todd Kurtz,Josh Grajczonek (NS) 59.78
Ht.2 Przemyslaw Pawlicki,Emil Sajfutdinov,Troy Batchelor,Kyle Newman Fell exc)  59.,16
Ht.3 Jason Doyle,Piotr Pawlicki,Nicolai Klindt,Rory Schlein (rtd) 59.03
Ht.4 Krzysztof Kasprzak,Chris Holder,Brady Kurtz,Nick Morris 60.00
Ht.5 Krzysztof Kasprzak,Hans Andersen,Nicolai Klindt,Kyle Newman (NS) 60.40
Ht.6 Emil Sajfutdinov,Nick Morris,Piotr Pawlicki,Dave Watt (rtd)  60.19
Ht.7 Jason Doyle,Chris Holder,Todd Kurtz,Troy Batchelor 59.69
Ht.8 Rory Schlein,Przemyslaw Pawlicki,Brady Kurtz,Josh Grajczonek (NS)


Krzysztof Kasprzak 6 (3,3)
Jason Doyle 6 (3,3)
Przemyslaw Pawlicki 5 (3,2)
Emil Sajfutdinov 5 (2,3)
Hans Andersen 5 (3,2)
Chris Holder 4 (2,2)
Rory Schlein 3 (0,3)
Piotr Pawlicki 3 (2,1)
Nick Morris 2 (0,2)
Brady Kurtz 2 (1,1)
Nicolai Klindt 2 (1,1)
Todd Kurtz 2 (1,1)
Dave Watt 2 (2,0)
Troy Batchelor 1 (1,0)
Kyle Newman 0 (FX,NS)
Josh Grajczonek NS

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