Poole ReadyPower Pirates launched their Elite league title defence in the most emphatic manner with a 30 point demolition job on rivals Swindon to make the perfect start to their Easter weekend.

With look-a-likes Chris Holder and Adam Ellis both going unbeaten for the Pirates and double figure scores from Hans Andersen and Krzysztof Buczkowski the Dorset side simply had too much strength-in-depth- for the visitors.

A rally of 5-1 advantages - five out six - only interrupted with a tactical ride second place from Robins' number one Jason Doyle had the Pirates well in control by the interval and Poole owed a massive debt to skipper Dave Watt in that heat as he did enough to keep Doyle honest for a lap allowing Hans Andersen to use the first quarter distance of the race to build up an unassailable lead.

A battling heat 10 ride from Brady Kurtz to snatch second place on the last turn to join the unbeaten Ellis in Poole's sixth maximum advantage of the meeting underlined the Pirates' dominance and the mere fact that Alun Rossiter's Robins had to wait until the penultimate heat before they could celebrate a heat gain of their own showed the difference between the two sides, who meet again on Easter Sunday in the return fixture at Blunsdon.

Poole 61
C. Holder 3,2',3,3=11+1
B. Kurtz 1,2',2',0=5+2
D. Watt 3,1,1',R=5+1
H. Andersen 3,3,2,2,1=11
K. Buczkowski 2',3,2,1,3=11+1
A. Ellis 2',3,3,3=11+1
K. Newman 3,2',1',1=7+2
Swindon 31
J. Doyle 2,4,3,2,2=13
J. Sedgmen FD,1,3,0,0=4
J. Grajczonek 1,1,2,3=7
R. Tungate 0,0,0,1=1
N. Morris 0,0,1',0=1+1
S. Nielsen 0,FD,0,0=0
C. Wright 1,1,1,2=5

Ht 1 C. Holder J. Doyle B. Kurtz J. Sedgmen (Fell d/q) 4-2 (4-2) (60.53)
Ht 2 K. Newman A. Ellis C. Wright S. Nielsen 5-1 (9-3) (61.31)
Ht 3 D. Watt K. Buczkowski J. Grajczonek N. Morris 5-1 (14-4) (60.75)
Ht 4 H. Andersen K. Newman C. Wright R. Tungate 5-1 (19-5) (60.74)
Ht 5 A. Ellis B. Kurtz J. Sedgmen S. Nielsen (Fell d/q) 5-1 (24-6) (0)
Ht 6 H. Andersen J. Doyle (TR) D. Watt N. Morris 4-4 (28-10) (60.44)
Ht 7 K. Buczkowski C. Holder J. Grajczonek R. Tungate 5-1 (33-11) (60.76)
Ht 8 J. Sedgmen H. Andersen K. Newman S. Nielsen 3-3 (36-14) (61.85)
Ht 9 A. Ellis B. Kurtz C. Wright R. Tungate 5-1 (41-15) (61.37)
Ht 10 J. Doyle K. Buczkowski D. Watt J. Sedgmen 3-3 (44-18) (61.03)
Ht 11 C. Holder J. Grajczonek N. Morris B. Kurtz 3-3 (47-21) (60.75)
Ht 12 A. Ellis C. Wright K. Newman S. Nielsen 4-2 (51-23) (61.78)
Ht 13 C. Holder J. Doyle K. Buczkowski N. Morris 4-2 (55-25) (60.79)
Ht 14 J. Grajczonek H. Andersen R. Tungate D. Watt (Rtd) 2-4 (57-29) (61.25)
Ht 15 K. Buczkowski J. Doyle H. Andersen J. Sedgmen 4-2 (61-31) (61.0)

Referee Christina Turnbull
Gates:  Poole won toss and take gates 1&3. Swindon take 1&3 heat 15

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