Poole Ready Power Pirates claimed their long overdue home win in rampant style, avenging for Monday's 17 points defeat at the hands of Wolverhampton with a 20 point success. New boy Dakota North claimed his first ever Elite league maximum with a paid 12 return whilst Chris Holder dropped just a single point from his five rides and both riders were quick to acknowledge the improvements in the Poole track.

Man of the Match North admitted "Chris had a long chat with the track guys after last Wednesday and they really listened to him. It was much better tonight and I think that showed in our performances, throughout the team. It was a good result for us and just what we needed", whilst Holder heaped praise on Gerald Richter "He (Gerald" did wonders with the track and gave the lads a stage to perform on. I would like to thank him for doing that, it's good to work together at these things. For me,  I was making some good starts tonight I was happy with that."

The third Aussie in the side Dave Watt, making his Wimborne Road return after his lay-off with a foot injury finished the night more than a little dejected after blowing an engine in the nominated rider's heat. "You know when things are against you they are really against you and that's just the way it feels at the moment. I am working my tail off and getting little reward for it. I guess I am a bit disillusioned right now but know that I can come back stronger, and hey that might hopefully be on Friday at Lakeside.

You could feel the frustration in  Watt, who had the heartbreaking news earlier in the day that his grandmother had died back home in Australia, but the manner in which he won heat 13 to steer Poole into a 20 point advantage was the Dave Watt of old. He had begun the meeting supporting Holder in heat one for a likely 5-1 until Freddie Lindgren worked a way by on the final lap to halt the Pirates' stride. The Pirates were further frustrated in heat 3 when Musielak switched lines to catch guest Chris Harris out and again limit the home side to a mere 4-2 advantage.

But the Pirates began to up their game with two maximum scores in the space of the next three heats, Kacper Gomolski featuring in both. Firstly, nursing Charles Wright home in heat 4 and then enjoying an unchallenged win with Dakota North in his wake both well clear of Lindgren in heat 6. He maintained his winning ways with a fine victory in heat 9 as Thorssell pushed him hard.

Holder then caused great amusement as he came out early for heat 9 and lovingly prepared his starting track, only to be informed that he was actually due off gate three not the perfectly gardened gate 4, but it made scant difference as he stormed away from the rising tapes to win by a distance with Paul Starke picking up third place to push Wolves further behind.

The visitors hopes of retrieving some pride were well and truly scuppered when Harris and North won by a decent margin over double point seeking Lindgren before Holder was given the opportunity to show what can be done from the outside gate, again storming to victory in heat 11. Watt had to work hard for his point early doors making up ground on Musielak and then having to defend his position until the Pole slightly overcooked things on turn four.

Watt showed his real class though in heat 13 and,  supported by Harris,  the Pirates put the result well beyond the reaches of the visitors, but still the victory had a cloud hanging over it as Gomolski took a third bend fall in heat 14 and whilst he scurried clear of the track, he clearly sustained some damage to his wrist, which could make him a doubt for Friday's trip to Lakeside.


Poole 55
D. Watt 1,0,1,3,R=5
C. Holder 3,1',3,3,3=13+1
D. North 3,2',2',3=10+2
K. Gomolski 2',3,3,F=8+1
C. Harris 1,2,3,2'=8+1
P. Starke 1',2,1,0=4+1
C. Wright 2,3,0,2=7
F. Lindgren 2,1,1,1=5
J. Thorssell 0,0,3,2,0,2=7
T. Musielak 2,0,3,0,1',1'=7+2
R. Wells 1,1,0,2,2=6
R. Replacement =0
L. Blackbird 3,0,1',2,3,0=9+1
J. Bates 0,0,1=1

Ht 1 C. Holder F. Lindgren D. Watt J. Thorssell 4-2 (4-2) (61)
Ht 2 L. Blackbird C. Wright P. Starke J. Bates 3-3 (7-5) (61.82)
Ht 3 D. North T. Musielak C. Harris J. Thorssell 4-2 (11-7) (60.47)
Ht 4 C. Wright K. Gomolski R. Wells J. Bates 5-1 (16-8) (61.88)
Ht 5 J. Thorssell P. Starke C. Holder L. Blackbird 3-3 (19-11) (60.53)
Ht 6 K. Gomolski D. North F. Lindgren T. Musielak 5-1 (24-12) (61.19)
Ht 7 T. Musielak C. Harris R. Wells D. Watt 2-4 (26-16) (60.94)
Ht 8 K. Gomolski J. Thorssell L. Blackbird C. Wright 3-3 (29-19) (61.66)
Ht 9 C. Holder L. Blackbird P. Starke R. Wells 4-2 (33-21) (60.97)
Ht 10 C. Harris D. North F. Lindgren (TR) J. Thorssell 5-1 (38-22) (60.6)
Ht 11 C. Holder R. Wells D. Watt T. Musielak 4-2 (42-24) (60.97)
Ht 12 L. Blackbird C. Wright J. Bates P. Starke 2-4 (44-28) (61.59)
Ht 13 D. Watt C. Harris F. Lindgren L. Blackbird 5-1 (49-29) (60.96)
Ht 14 D. North R. Wells T. Musielak K. Gomolski (Fell) 3-3 (52-32) (61.32)
Ht 15 C. Holder J. Thorssell T. Musielak D. Watt (Rtd) 3-3 (55-35) (61.41)

Referee Mick Posselwhite
Gates:  Poole won the toss and took 1&3 in heat 1. Wolverhampton 2&4 in heat 15

For more pictures from the meeting visit our gallery here

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