Archive 2016

Date H/A Fixture Competition Result
Wed 16 March H Poole v Coventry ES  W56-34
Fri 18 March A Coventry v Poole  ES   W47-43 (W103-77)
Fri 25 March A Poole v Swindon EL  W61-31
Wed 6 April H Poole v Lakeside EL  W57-33
Fri 8 April A Lakeside v Poole EL  L40-50
Wed 20 April H Poole v Coventry EL  W60-29
Fri 22 April A Coventry v Poole EL  L46-47
Mon 2 May Wolverhampton v Poole EL   L35-55
Wed 4 May H Poole v Wolverhampton EL W51-39 
Mon 9 May A Leicester v Poole EL D46-46
Mon 23 May H Poole v Belle Vue EL L41-49
Mon 30 May A Swindon v Poole EL W46-44
Wed 1 June H Poole v Swindon EL W50-40
Fri 1 July A Lakeside v Poole EL W48-42
Wed 13 July H Poole v Lakeside EL W52-41
Fri 15 July Coventry v Poole  EL  L43-47 
Wed 20 July H Poole v Coventry EL W56-36
Wed 3 August H Poole v Wolverhampton EL  W52-38 
Thu 4 August Poole v Leicester  EL  W58-35 
Wed 10 August  Poole v King's Lynn  EL  W65-25 
Thu 11 August King's Lynn v Poole  EL W55-38
Mon 22 August Swindon v Poole  EL  L42-50 
Wed 24 August  Poole v Leicester  EL  W58-32
Mon 29 August Belle Vue v Poole  EL  L41-49 
Thu 1 September Poole v Belle Vue  EL  W52-41 
Mon 5 September A Wolverhampton v Poole EL L42-48
Wed 7 September H Poole v King's Lynn EL W61-29
Mon 12 September A Belle Vue v Poole EL L45-48
Tue 13 September A King's Lynn v Poole EL W51-39
Wed 21 September H Poole v Wolverhampton PO W51-39
Wed 28 September A Wolverhampton v Poole PO L35-55

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