Poole Pirates claimed two valuable league points in a nail-biting league encounter at Wolverhampton to make it a bountiful Bank Holiday.

Trailing slenderly from the time the Wolves reserves had fired in a 5-1 maximum in heat 2 the
Pirates never allowed their hosts any real opportunities to command the meeting. And in heat 10 Poole\'s Polish powerpack of \"Shamek and Magic\" stunned the Wolves fans when they combined for an excellent 5-1 after staving off an early threat from Jacob Thorsell down the backstraight.

With Wolves\' home record far from convincing this season the home fans nerves were tested to the fore and they were cursing the mechanical gremlins of Ashley Morris who had pulled up when on a sure-fire 5-1 with Joe Jacobs in the previous heat which would have lessened the impact of that Polish raid.

Poole continued to protect their narrow advantage through crucial wins for Holder in heat 11 and Monmore Green debutant Vaclav Milik in heat 12, the Czech celebrating his Grand Prix wild card call up for the Prague event later this month. But Piotr Pawlicki and world champion Tai Woffinden inflicted a heat 13 5-1 over Holder and Janowski to set up a tense finish.

An excellent last to second burst by guest reserve Charles Wright in heat 14 to join Josh Grajczonek for a 5-1 assured Poole an absolute minimum of one league point, but when Piotr Pawlicki saw off his brother around the first turn of the opening lap of heat 15 it seemed the wolves pair were set to repeat their heat 13 exploits and limit Poole to that point.

But Shamek wanted to make a fight of it and produced a stunning ride to steer Woffinden wide enough to allow himself the space to split the host duo and forcing a drawn match, earning Poole the extra point bonus as the away side.

Wolverhampton 45
T.Woffinden 1\',3,1,2\',1=8+2
J.Thorsell 2,1,0,2=5
R.Wells 0,2,2,2=6
T.Proctor 2,1\',1\',1=5+2
Pi.Pawlicki 3,1,1\',3,3=11+1
J.Jacobs 3,1\',3,1\',0=8+2
A.Morris 2\', (Rtd), (Rtd)=2+1

C.Holder 3,0,3,1,0=7
V.Milik 0,3,0,3=6
Pr.Pawlicki 2,2,3,3,2=12
J.Grajczonek 0,3,0,3=6
M.Janowski 1\',3,2\',0=6+2
C.Wright 1,2\',2,0,2\'=7+2
L.Crang 0,0,1\'=1+1

Referee Ms Margaret Vardy
Poole win toss and take gates 1&3  Wolverhampton take gates 1&3 in Heat 15

Ht 1 C.Holder, J.Thorsell, T.Woffinden, V.Milik 3-3 3-3 (54.83 )
Ht 2 J.Jacobs, A.Morris, C.Wright, L.Crang 5-1 8-4 (56.97 )
Ht 3 Pi.Pawlicki, Pr.Pawlicki, M.Janowski, R.Wells 3-3 11-7 (55.2 )
Ht 4 V.Milik, T.Proctor, J.Jacobs, L.Crang 3-3 14-10 (56.01 )
Ht 5 T.Woffinden, Pr.Pawlicki, Pi.Pawlicki, J.Grajczonek 4-2 18-12 (55.11 )
Ht 6 M.Janowski, R.Wells, T.Proctor, C.Holder 3-3 21-15 (55.81 )
Ht 7 J.Grajczonek, C.Wright, J.Thorsell, A.Morris 1-5 22-20 (56.27 )
Ht 8 Pr.Pawlicki, R.Wells, T.Proctor, V.Milik 3-3 25-23 (0 )
Ht 9 J.Jacobs, C.Wright, L.Crang, A.Morris 3-3 28-26 (58.47 )
Ht 10 Pr.Pawlicki, M.Janowski, T.Woffinden, J.Thorsell 1-5 29-31 (57.69 )
Ht 11 C.Holder, R.Wells, Pi.Pawlicki, J.Grajczonek 3-3 32-34 (57.62 )
Ht 12 V.Milik, J.Thorsell, J.Jacobs, C.Wright 3-3 35-37 (57.4 )
Ht 13 Pi.Pawlicki, T.Woffinden, C.Holder, M.Janowski 5-1 40-38 (56.96 )
Ht 14 J.Grajczonek, C.Wright, T.Proctor, J.Jacobs 1-5 41-43 (57.49 )
Ht 15 Pi.Pawlicki, Pr.Pawlicki, T.Woffinden, C.Holder 4-2 45-45 (51.39 )

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