Restricted to just two race winners the Volvo Cars Poole Pirates suffered their third successive league defeat of the season as a rampant Wolverhampton side offered them no mercy.

The Pirates fell behind to two 5-1 defeats in the first four heats and whilst they stemmed the flow in sharing the next three, including the first win from them, courtesy of Peter Kildemand's determined efforts in heat 6, the gulf widened in an entertaining heat 8. Kacper Woryna made an excellent gate but left room for Kyle Howarth to exploit, leaving the Pole working overtime to try and get back on level terms. That bold attempt however was to prove costly as he drifted too much in the final corner which allowed the impressive Ashley Morris to sneak in to remain unbeaten after three rides on the night.
A tactical ride for Brady Kurtz yielded nothing more than a second place as partner Kildemand was unable to stay in touch. A thrilling heat 10 ensued with the Pirates, Josh Grajczonek and Linus Sundstrom, on an early 5-1 befoe Thorssell and Howarth both went by, but both Pirates kept battling away, securing passes on Howarth to share a fabulous heat.
Kurtz became the second Poole rider to take the chequered flag and at one stage it looked as though he might be partnered across the line by Woryna, but Sam Masters had other ideas leaving the Pirates having to settle for a 4-2 advantage.
The meeting was put beyond the Pirates reach as Heeps beat Grajczonek in heat 12 and with two shared heats following the bonus point also became a forlorn hope, with Rory Schlein winning both the final two heats to seal a perfect 5-ride night.

J. Thorssell 3,2,3,0=8
K. Howarth R,1',3,0=4+1
C. Heeps 0,0,1,3=4
R. Schlein 3,3,3,3,3=15
S. Masters 3,3,2,3,2'=13+1
N. Greaves 2',0,0,0=2+1
A. Morris 3,2',2',1=8+2

B. Kurtz 2,2,2,3,2,1=12
K. Woryna 1',1',1,1,0=4+2
J. Grajczonek 1',2,2,2=7+1
L. Sundstrom 2,1',1',2=6+2
P. Kildemand 0,3,0,1'=4+1
M. Szczepaniak 1,0,0=1
J. Shanes 0,1,0,1'=2+1

Ht 1 J. Thorssell B. Kurtz K. Woryna K. Howarth (Rtd) 3-3 (3-3) (55.57)
Ht 2 A. Morris N. Greaves M. Szczepaniak J. Shanes 5-1 (8-4) (57)
Ht 3 R. Schlein L. Sundstrom J. Grajczonek C. Heeps 3-3 (11-7) (56.47)
Ht 4 S. Masters A. Morris J. Shanes P. Kildemand 5-1 (16-8) (56.45)
Ht 5 R. Schlein B. Kurtz K. Woryna C. Heeps 3-3 (19-11) (56.22)
Ht 6 P. Kildemand J. Thorssell K. Howarth M. Szczepaniak 3-3 (22-14) (56.59)
Ht 7 S. Masters J. Grajczonek L. Sundstrom N. Greaves 3-3 (25-17) (57.05)
Ht 8 K. Howarth A. Morris K. Woryna J. Shanes 5-1 (30-18) (57.62)
Ht 9 R. Schlein B. Kurtz (TS) C. Heeps P. Kildemand 4-2 (34-20) (57.07)
Ht 10 J. Thorssell J. Grajczonek L. Sundstrom K. Howarth 3-3 (37-23) (57.49)
Ht 11 B. Kurtz S. Masters K. Woryna N. Greaves 2-4 (39-27) (57.41)
Ht 12 C. Heeps J. Grajczonek A. Morris M. Szczepaniak 4-2 (43-29) (58.4)
Ht 13 S. Masters B. Kurtz P. Kildemand J. Thorssell 3-3 (46-32) (57.93)
Ht 14 R. Schlein L. Sundstrom J. Shanes N. Greaves 3-3 (49-35) (57.81)
Ht 15 R. Schlein S. Masters B. Kurtz K. Woryna 5-1 (54-36) (57.93)

Referee Margaret Vardy
Gates: POOLE won toss and chose gates 2&4 | WOLVERHAMPTON took gates 1&3 in heat 15
WOLVERHAMPTON 3 league points POOLE 0 league points
Rider of the Night: Brady Kurtz


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