Despite roaring his way to a maiden Poole maximum Maciej Janowski's splendid peformance in Poole's 8 point win over Coventry Bees was somehat eclipsed by a superb night's work from the Pirates' Fast Track draft scheme rider Kyle Newman.


Newman received high praise from 2012 World champion Chris Holder who said after the points had been secured by the Pirates "Kyle put in a great shift tonight. I haven't seen him ride that well before he looked at ease on the bike and it was a terrific performance from him, and with Magic going through the card it showed the character there is in this Poole side"

In fact the meeting which saw the lead change hands on several occasions could well have been subtitled the Kyle Show, for as well as the performance from Newman, former Pirate Kyle Howarth also took centre stage. It was the intense battle that these two young Brits endured in both heats 7 and 14 that raised the roof of the appreciative Poole followers, with Newman coming out on top on both occasions.

The Bere Regis based Newman romped to three straight wins on to an Elite best of paid 13 and it was his epic heat 14 pass on Howarth that eventually clinched the result for the Pirates. With never more than four points separating the two sides until that stage of the meeting, Newman's support to Vaclav Milik's second win of the evening put the meeting beyond the battling Bees, leaving heat 15 a straight fight for the full allocation of league points.

With Janowski storming from the tapes to collect his first full house in Britain the Pirates were assured the full three although earlier in the meeting that looked optimistic as the Bees came with intent.

Opening with a 4-2 as Ryan Fisher led the returning Chris Holder home the Bees were to find themselves trailing after 5 heats, Janowski and Holder delivering a much needed 5-1 to help Poole's cause. But Hans Andersen and a somewhat subdued Chris Harris redressed the balance with a retaliatory maximum score in heat 6 before the meeting really got into it's stride.

Newman and Howarth scrapped for all their worth in heat 7, Newman's choice of the wide line paying dividends ultimately and whilst Grajczonek opened his account for the night with a third place to edge Poole ahead again the lead was short-lived as the impressive Kenneth Hansen was partnered for a Coventry 5-1 over Vaclav Milil and a struggling Przemyslaw Pawlicki.
Poole looked set to restore their lead in heat 10 but Hansen threw all he had to split Grajczonek and Holder as the scores levelled at 30 apiece.

Pirate fans were hoping for some of the Pole-star partnership that they enjoyed last Wednesday as Janowski and Pawlicki came to post but Howarth had different intentions and it took something magical from Janowski to preserve his unbeaten performance. Poole doubled their 2 point lead through Grajczonek and Newman in heat 12 but hopes of putting the match out of reach from the Bees were delivered a blow as Holder was moved wide at the first turn and he lost all momentum.
But the Kyle show provided a fitting climax to the meeting as they scrapped for second place behind leader Milik and it was just then down to Janowski to celebrate that maximum and maintain Poole's unbeaten start to the season

C. Holder 2,2',1,0,0=5+1
J. Grajczonek 0,1,3,3=7
P. Pawlicki 1,0,F,1=2
V. Milik 3,1,1,3=8
M. Janowski 3,3,3,3,3=15
L. Smart R,R,0=0
K. Newman 3,3,3,1,2'=12+1

Coventry 41
H. Andersen 1,3,0,2,2=8
R. Fisher 3,2,2',2=9+1
K. Hansen 2,1,3,2,1'=9+1
K. Howarth 0,2,2,1=5
C. Harris 0,2',0,1'=3+2
J. Garrity 2,0,2,0=4
J. Sarjeant 1',1',1',0=3+3

Ht 1 R. Fisher C. Holder H. Andersen J. Grajczonek 2-4 (2-4) (61.5)
Ht 2 K. Newman J. Garrity J. Sarjeant L. Smart (Rtd) 3-3 (5-7) (61.66)
Ht 3 M. Janowski K. Hansen P. Pawlicki C. Harris 4-2 (9-9) (60.18)
Ht 4 V. Milik R. Fisher J. Sarjeant L. Smart (Rtd) 3-3 (12-12) (60.34)
Ht 5 M. Janowski C. Holder K. Hansen K. Howarth 5-1 (17-13) (59.75)
Ht 6 H. Andersen C. Harris V. Milik P. Pawlicki 1-5 (18-18) (60.16)
Ht 7 K. Newman K. Howarth J. Grajczonek J. Garrity 4-2 (22-20) (61.38)
Ht 8 K. Hansen R. Fisher V. Milik P. Pawlicki (Fell) 1-5 (23-25) (61.22)
Ht 9 K. Newman J. Garrity J. Sarjeant L. Smart 3-3 (26-28) (61.94)
Ht 10 J. Grajczonek K. Hansen C. Holder C. Harris 4-2 (30-30) (60.91)
Ht 11 M. Janowski K. Howarth P. Pawlicki H. Andersen 4-2 (34-32) (60.9)
Ht 12 J. Grajczonek R. Fisher K. Newman J. Sarjeant 4-2 (38-34) (61.32)
Ht 13 M. Janowski H. Andersen C. Harris C. Holder 3-3 (41-37) (60.37)
Ht 14 V. Milik K. Newman K. Howarth J. Garrity 5-1 (46-38) (60.75)
Ht 15 M. Janowski H. Andersen K. Hansen C. Holder 3-3 (49-41) (60.84)

Referee: Mr Graham Flint
Gates: Poole won toss and took gates 1&3.  Coventry take 1&3 in heat 15

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