The 'Volvo Cars' Poole Pirates continued from where they left off last Wednesday with the return fixture against Leicester at the  Paul Chapman & Sons Arena on Monday night.

The Pirates were imperious early on and after sharing the spoils in the opening heat went on the rampage with five consecutive heat wins to put the meeting well out of reach of the home side.

Whilst the Lions ended the run much earlier than they did at Poole on Wednesday - Nicholls and Andersen snatching a 4-2 for the home side in heat 7 the Pirates negated that two heats later through Harris and Klindt after a shared 6th heat.

Leicester had the better exchanges once the sun had set, pulling back 6 points across the next two heats but with 11 heats completed the Pirates held a handsome 14 point lead (26-40), extending that through Worrall and Klindt's 4-2 in heat 12.

Having won his opening two rides Kurtz then completed his second nil-score of the night, having been last home in heat 11 and then trailing in the more senior in age heat 13 competitors of Andersen, Harris and Nicholls as the Lions tried to chip away at the lead, only for the Pirates to respond with their heat 2 pairing of Jakobsen and Klindt repeating their 5-1 exploits in the penultimate heat.

The first three home in the final heat were a match of heat 13, Harris just getting up to pass Nicholls on the line to prevent basement side Leicester signing off with a maximum heat score, as Poole maintained their late push for the play-offfs with four league points added to their tally.


H. Andersen 1',1,1,3,3,3=12+1
R. Wells 2,R,3,2'=7+1
C. Wright 0,1,2,2=5
J. Auty 1,0,0=1
S. Nicholls 1,3,3,1,1=9
S. Robson 1,R,1,0,1=3
C. Mountain 0,0,0=0

B. Kurtz 3,3,0,0=6
J. Grajczonek 0,2',2,2=6+1
R. Worrall 3,0,1,3,0=7
K. Woryna 2',2,0=4+1
C. Harris 3,2',3,2,2=12+1
N. Klindt 2',3,1,1,2'=9+2
F. Jakobsen 3,2',1',3=9+2

Ht 1 B. Kurtz R. Wells H. Andersen J. Grajczonek 3-3 (3-3) ()
Ht 2 F. Jakobsen N. Klindt S. Robson C. Mountain 1-5 (4-8) ()
Ht 3 R. Worrall K. Woryna  J. Auty C. Wright1-5 (5-13) ()
Ht 4 C. Harris F. Jakobsen S. Nicholls C. Mountain 1-5 (6-18) ()
Ht 5 B. Kurtz J. Grajczonek C. Wright J. Auty 1-5 (7-23) ()
Ht 6 N. Klindt C. Harris H. Andersen R. Wells (rtd) 1-5 (8-28) ()
Ht 7 S. Nicholls K. Woryna H. Andersen (TS) R. Worrall 4-2 (12-30) ()
Ht 8 R. Wells J. Grajczonek F. Jakobsen S. Robson (Rtd) 3-3 (15-33) ()
Ht 9 C. Harris C. Wright N. Klindt J. Auty 2-4 (17-37) ()
Ht 10 H. Andersen R. Wells R. Worrall K. Woryna 5-1 (22-38) ()
Ht 11 S. Nicholls J. Grajczonek S. Robson B. Kurtz 4-2 (26-40) ()
Ht 12 R. Worrall C. Wright N. Klindt S. Robson 2-4 (28-44) ()
Ht 13 H. Andersen C. Harris S. Nicholls B. Kurtz 4-2 (32-46) ()
Ht 14 F. Jakobsen N. Klindt S. Robson C. Mountain 1-5 (33-51) ()
Ht 15 H. Andersen C. Harris S. Nicholls R. Worrall 4-2 (37-53) ()

Referee Peter Clarke
LEICESTER 0 league points POOLE 4 league points
Rider of the Night: Frederik Jakobsen


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