TO celebrate their league title success in the club's Platinum Anniversary Season the 2018 Pirates have assembled in Abu Dhabi ahead of the FIA Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend.

Accompanied by the club's directors and some sponsors the successful side were enthusiastic onlookers in the top four wheel racing event at the Yas Marina circut at the weekend whilst also taking in a number of concerts during their time away.

So, what was the verdict? Let Matt take up the story.......

Well, what an amazing trip. I will try to remember as much as possible, and what I can’t remember I will make up!
Let me take you back to the end of June, Rye House had sadly withdrawn from the league due to financial demands and as a consequence of the meeting results being annulled, The Pirates were sat firmly at the bottom of the league.
I flippantly made a comment to our 7 heroes “ If you win the league- I will take you all to Vegas “.

Well the destination changed due to Freddie being under 21, but the promise made was always going to stand.

Helen and I were going to Abu Dhabi to watch the GP, in the hope of seeing Lewis Hamilton win his 5th World Title.

Of course we all know he achieved this success before we arrived in the UAE, but a British success is always something to celebrate.
We were joined on the trip by Andy and Karen Tracey of County Crest Pallets, who attend annually, plus first timers in Abu Dhabi, Chris and Emma from Trethowans Solicitors and Tracy and Dave of Sunrise MOT and Service Centre of Blandford.

Also making the trip were Nick Morris who played an enormous part in our 2018 success by winning heat 13 at Kings Lynn on October 10th, plus my sons Dan and Sam.
A party of 19 Pirate fanatics.

We all made our respective trips across varied oceans, some arriving in time to watch the rapper “ Post Malone “ on Thursday night, with the remainder making it in time to see Canadian artist “ The Weeknd” ( yes that is how you spell it ) on the Friday evening.

Friday daytime was spent together at a rather boozy afternoon brunch, an all you can eat- all you can drink affair, where your team did you proud.
The riders and management were presented with the most outstanding cake in recognition of our success just a month ago by Andy and Karen. What a lovely surprise and enjoyed by all. I say all- but Richie’s cake was somewhat enhanced when Kacper added Tabasco sauce to his slice without his knowledge.

Sadly by the time the evening had arrived, one or two of the crew had gone “ Missing in Action “ due to the celebrations, and marks on the school report at the end will be deducted.
Saturday was more of the same, plenty of tasteful fluids, and the legendary “ Sam Smith “ live in concert after watching the Formula One Qualifying session.
Incidentally, the guys were walking to and from concerts/ racing, so put in anywhere between 6-10 miles a day.
Sunday was race day, with Lewis H winning in comfort. This was my 3rd time at this particular GP, and the 3rd time Helen and I have seen him win.
After the celebrations we all hotfooted it to the Concert Arena via yet more thirst quenching bars, to see one of the biggest acts of all time- GunsNRoses.
For the younger ones in the team, who were hearing Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child of Mine ,for the first time , I can only hope it remains a memorable experience.

To my knowledge, we have had no major casualties, several hangovers but I’m sure you will forgive us all for that, as it’s not everyday you win another title.
Anyway, that’s the serious stuff, let’s now tell you how the Class of 2018 performed .

1/ Captain Josh. Good effort from Gracjzonek, he led from the front and the youngsters need to take note of a Captains role. I like his style of buying 4 drinks rather than queue. Sadly still sporting the silly moustache so a further point deducted. A popular member of the class
Rating: 8/10

2/ Brady, taking over the mantle as the team leader. Always watch the quiet ones. Has respect from his team mates, and puts in a great shift when others around are flagging. Bright future ahead for this kid, but loses marks for being ginger.
Rating: 8/10

3/ Bomber- the non drinker. Definitely the quietest in the trip, always the professional.
Not keen on the concerts but joined in with his team mates.  May need extra lessons to help with his progress.
Rating: 6/10

4/ Kacper- This kid  has a great future if he keeps his head down . The only Pole on the trip and he did his country proud, even sleeping on the floor when his team manager looked him out his bedroom.
Rating: 7/10

5/ Richie- What a debacle. Over excited and needs a few more lessons in pacing himself.
Went missing in action due to over exuberance . Has the ability but should learn from his class mates. Must do better
Rating: 4/10

6/ Freddie- great lad and did himself proud on the first night. His time will come.
It’s not just about making the gate Fred, sometimes it’s best to pass on the last lap.
Rating: 6/10

7/ Viking No2- The bearded wonder- Nicolai.
Never lets you down, always the joker in the pack. Must learn to share and remember there’s no “ I “ in team.
Always last to the bar. Loses marks for having more hair on his hand, than on his head.
Rating: 7.5/10

8/ Nick “ Gatecrasher “ Morris.
Sporting another moustache, these Aussie lads need help in the fashion department.
Wore the same shirt for 3 days so clearly short of a quid. Also failed to make it out one night. But a popular member of the team, liked by his fellow classmates. Could do better. 6.5/10

9/ Middlo- what can you say about Grandpa.
Was quite easily the best at one thing- Eating. I’ve never seen and management at an All Inclusive brunch so frightened.
It was like a Shark at a feeding frenzy. Always great value , and the younger pupils look up to him.
Rating: 7/10

10&11 -Dan/ Sam Ford- infants of the group but didn’t let themselves down. Kept up the pace with BK, Capt and Viking No2.
Dressed smartly , and in clothes that actually fit. Bright future ahead if they study hard.
Ratings: DF 8/10 SF 7.5/10

Our friends had a mix collection of marks. Some don’t go to the concerts at all, some fell asleep the first night leaving Helen and I to attend by ourselves.
All get great marks for alcohol consumption.

Thank you to everyone, it’s been a great trip, and let’s hope we have another title to celebrate at the end of 2019.

Matt 9/10 !!


It's practice day at the circuit and the 'tribute to Scott Nicholls" shirts have been replaced and the group gather for a quick photo

and now let's catch some of the action.....zoom!!


Time to st down and enjoy some food

and then came the surprise cake, very kindly presented to us by Andy & Karen of County Crest Pallets

after we all had our picture taken with the cake

it was time to cut it and oh boy! in the words of Matt "it was the most delicious cake ever tasted"


Directors Sam and Danny Ford link up with Josh, Brady and Nick for their first experience of the Yas Marina Circuit


The flight from Australia to Abu Dhabi with Josh Grajczonek, Brady Kurtz and Nick Morris all ready to fasten their seat belts as the tour begins.



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