Whilst the 'Volvo Cars' Poole Pirates earned a point from their second meeting of the Bank Holiday, they may well reflect on missing the opportunity to have taken full advantage against the Robins.

It began well enough for the league leaders with Grajczonek and Kurtz roaring to a 5-1 in heat one but spectacularly the Robins put themselves back on level terms as Wajtknecht and the tidy-style of Tom Brennan gave plenty for the 'earlier-in-the-day" big-hitting Woryna to be concerned with.

The Pirates were presented with a chance to hit back when Adam Ellis had a bike problems and he limped round at the rear, but Worrall's sharp start was negated when Musielak stormed round him. Klindt began to slow up on the final lap, unaware that Ellis was still under steam and the race to the line between the two slowest motors on show was tense in itself, Klindt just getting over the line for the heat share. There were no such problems for Harris and Jakobsen in heat four as Poole jumped into a four point lead again.

Ellis resolved his gremlins in time for a win over Kurtz, after initially jumping the start, but there was no major damage to the Pirates position as Grajczonek managed to withstand the pressure from the buzzing Musielak.

Harris rode a good first curve to block out Batchelor but had no answers to the pacey Bellego whilst again Woryna was looking a totally different rider to that which had steered the Pirates to victory earlier against Somerset.

Morris was blessed in heat 7, first jumping the start, then falling in the re-run, escaping disqualification by a benevolent referee's decision, then storming to victory over Klindt and Worrall, Poole still leading by just two points.

Jakobsen had his good early move to hit the front countered by a swift Bellego response and with Grajczonek struggling at the back the meeting went to an all-square situation. Two heat advantages for the hosts, the first a 5-1 from Musielak and Elllis, against the ever-battling Harris, the second a 4-2, helped undoubtedly by a ragged start that caught Klindt unawares, saw the Robins begin to flap their wings.

Morris was unable to escape disqualification when he crashed out in heat 11 and that allowed Kurtz and Grajczonek a relatively easy 5-1 over Brennan in the re-run. Jakobsen was good in heat 12 but Worrall was caught by Ellis and so Poole could only level the meeting, instead of sneaking into a lead.

Batchelor's evening kicked into life as he took control of heat 13 but all eyes were on the bold, brave and intense efforts of Harris as he tried to overcome Morris, but the resulting 5-1 against Poole made it uphill from here.

Jakobsen desperately attempted to join leader Klindt in heat 14 but took a heavy second lap fall as things became gloomier for Poole. Klindt caused the re-start to be pulled back as he tried to go too soon, and then the race was stopped a further time as Musielak fell, giving Poole a back-door key for now a possible victory. Klindt beat Wajtknecht leaving the Pirates requiring a heat 15 to snatch the win on the night. The task fell to Klindt and Kurtz but Batchelor made certain of the win with a tapes to flag ride.


T.Batchelor 1,1,1,3,3=9
D.Bellego 0,3,3,3,1=10
A.Ellis 0,3,2',2=7+1
T.Musielak 3,0,3,FD=6
N.Morris 1,3,FD,2'=6+1
Z.Wajtknecht 3,0,1,0,2=6
T.Brennan 2',0,1=3+1

B.Kurtz 2',2,3,0,2=9+1
J.Grajczonek 3,1',0,2'=6+2
R.Worrall 2,1',2,1=6+1
N.Klindt 1',2,0,3,0=6+1
C.Harris 3,2,1,1=7
K.Woryna 1,0,0=1
F.Jakobsen 0,2',2,3,FD=7+1

Ht 1:  J.Grajczonek,  B.Kurtz,  T.Batchelor,  D.Bellego 1-5  1-5 |66.43]
Ht 2:  Z.Wajtknecht,  T.Brennan,  K.Woryna,  F.Jakobsen 5-1  6-6 [67.03]
Ht 3:  T.Musielak,  R.Worrall,  N.Klindt,  A.Ellis 3-3  9-9 [66.95]
Ht 4:  C.Harris,  F.Jakobsen,  N.Morris,  T.Brennan 1-5  10-14 [67.66]
Ht 5:  A.Ellis,  B.Kurtz,  J.Grajczonek,  T.Musielak 3-3  13-17 [66.83]
Ht 6:  D.Bellego,  C.Harris,  T.Batchelor,  K.Woryna 4-2  17-19 [66.74]
Ht 7:  N.Morris,  N.Klindt,  R.Worrall,  Z.Wajtknecht 3-3  20-22 [67.11]
Ht 8:  D.Bellego,  F.Jakobsen,  Z.Wajtknecht (RS),  J.Grajczonek 4-2 24-24 [67.7]
Ht 9:  T.Musielak,  A.Ellis,  C.Harris,  K.Woryna 5-1  29-25 [67.55]
Ht 10:  D.Bellego,  R.Worrall,  T.Batchelor,  N.Klindt 4-2  33-27 [67.2]
Ht 11:  B.Kurtz,  J.Grajczonek,  T.Brennan (RS),  N.Morris  (Fell d/q) 1-5  34-32 [67.93]
Ht 12:  F.Jakobsen (RS),  A.Ellis,  R.Worrall,  Z.Wajtknecht (RS) 2-4  36-36 [68.33]
Ht 13:  T.Batchelor,  N.Morris,  C.Harris,  B.Kurtz 5-1  41-37 [67.68]
Ht 14:  N.Klindt,  Z.Wajtknecht,  T.Musielak  (Fell d/q),  F.Jakobsen  (Fell d/q) 2-3  43-40 [67.99]
Ht 15:  T.Batchelor,  B.Kurtz,  D.Bellego,  N.Klindt 4-2  47-42 [66.95]66.95
Gates: POOLE won toss and chose gates 1&3 | SWINDON took gates 1&3 in heat 15
Referee Ronnie Allan
League Points SWINDON 3 POOLE 1
Rider of the Night: Frederik Jakobsen

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