The 'Volvo Cars' Pirates showed sufficient resilience to harvest another three league points from this early afternoon Bank Holiday affair and resume their place above Somerset at the top of the SGB Premiership table

The Pirates found themselves trailing by two points on the day when their short-numbered visitors weighed in with a heat 6 4-2 advantage as Jack Holder held off his compatriot Kurtz in a determined battle whilst guest Aarnio forced his way back into a scoring position after running out wide at the first turn to negate his sharp get-away. But Poole made clearing the deficit short work as the potent Woryna and partner Chris Harris made all the running in heat 7, extending their lead further when Jakobsen and Grajczonek paired up for yet more maximum points, the two Rebels, Summers Busk Jakobsen having both hit the deck first time of asking.

World champion Doyle stepped in to take Aarnio's heat 9 ride and delivered the win but his Worrall and Klindt kept Holder out of the hunt, thus retaining their six point advantage. Grajczonek made the most of a ragged start to win heat 10 holding off Covatti's attempts round the pit-turn. Kurtz then found the line to pass Holder to extend the Pirates lead at the break.

Doyle made it three from three, Harris and Woryna content to keep out Busk Jakobsen but then came the Rebels revival with Aarnio and Covatti running riot in heat 12 before the Doyle/Holder combination worked perfectly in heat 13 to square proceedings.

Heat 14 took on huge significance and it was Klindt and Woryna who triumphed with maximum points but victory on the day was still in doubt, the Rebels able to force a draw with a big one in heat 15. Doyle and Holder seemed to be up for the task but referee Ronnie Allan was not happy with Doyle's starting techniques and pulled the race back. It was a much more even break in the re-start but the heat swung to Poole as Doyle pulled up in some discomfort as he hit a rut that caught his foot under his machine. Writhing in considerable pain on the in-field the race progressed with Woryna clear of Holder, the advantage Poole gaining being sufficient to position themselves back at the top of the league.


B. Kurtz 2,2,1,0=5
J. Grajczonek 1',0,2',3,1=7+2
R. Worrall 0,1,2,0=3
N. Klindt 0,1',3=4+1
C. Harris 2,2',2,1=7+1
K. Woryna 3,3,3,1',2',3=15+2
F. Jakobsen 2',1',3,1=7+2

J. Doyle 3,3,3,3,3,R=15
A. Summers 0,2',0=2+1
N. Covatti 1',0,2,2',1=6+2
R. Replacement
J. Holder 0,3,0,0,2',2=7+1
T. Aarnio 0,2,1,3,0=6
N. Busk Jakobsen 1,3,1,1,0=6

Ht 1:  J. Doyle,  B. Kurtz,  J. Grajczonek,  A. Summers | Result 3-3 | Score 3-3 [60.72]
Ht 2:  K. Woryna,  F. Jakobsen,  N. Busk Jakobsen,  T. Aarnio | Result 5-1 | Score 8-4 [61.03]
Ht 3:  K. Woryna,  T. Aarnio  (RR),  N. Covatti,  R. Worrall | Result 3-3 | Score 11-7 [60.75]
Ht 4:  N. Busk Jakobsen,  C. Harris,  F. Jakobsen,  J. Holder | Result 3-3 | Score 14-10 [] [60.44]
Ht 5:  J. Doyle,  A. Summers,  R. Worrall,  N. Klindt | Result 1-5 | Score 15-15 [] [60.47]
Ht 6:  J. Holder,  B. Kurtz,  T. Aarnio,  J. Grajczonek | Result 2-4 | Score 17-19 [] [61.06]
Ht 7:  K. Woryna,  C. Harris,  N. Busk Jakobsen  (RR),  N. Covatti | Result 5-1 | Score 22-20 [] [61.07]
Ht 8:  F. Jakobsen,  J. Grajczonek,  N. Busk Jakobsen,  A. Summers | Result 5-1 | Score 27-21 [] [61.69]
Ht 9:  J. Doyle  (TS),  R. Worrall,  N. Klindt,  J. Holder | Result 3-3 | Score 30-24 [] [61.12]
Ht 10:  J. Grajczonek,  N. Covatti,  B. Kurtz,  J. Holder  (RR) | Result 4-2 | Score 34-26 [] [61.09]
Ht 11:  J. Doyle,  C. Harris,  K. Woryna,  N. Busk Jakobsen (RS) | Result 3-3 | Score 37-29 [] [60.62]
Ht 12:  T. Aarnio,  N. Covatti,  F. Jakobsen,  R. Worrall | Result 1-5 | Score 38-34 [] [61.44]
Ht 13:  J. Doyle,  J. Holder,  C. Harris,  B. Kurtz | Result 1-5 | Score 39-39 [] [61.53]
Ht 14: Klindt,  K. Woryna,  N. Covatti  (RR),  T. Aarnio (RS) | Result 5-1 | Score 44-40 [] [61.6]
Ht 15:  K. Woryna,  J. Holder,  J. Grajczonek,  J. Doyle  (Rtd) | Result 4-2 | Score 48-42 [] () [61.21]
Gates: SOMERSET won toss and chose gates 1&3 | POOLE took gates 1&3 in heat 15
Referee Ronnie Allan
League Points: Poole 3 Somerset 1

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