Despite a gallant comeback after a poor start at Wolverhampton the 'ReadyPower' Pirates just fell short of their quest to reach their 7th consecutive play-off final taking the aggreage verdict right to the final heat of the night before going down 86-94 on aggregate.

Poole had their 12 point first leg lead whittled away within the first seven heats by which time they had already used, without gain, their tactical advantage with only Kyle Newman and Adam Ellis making any significant contribution to the team's effort.

But a hat-trick of race wins from hero Newman hoisted the Pirates back into contention and they could have had regained the aggregate lead in heat 9 had it not been for a highly controversial disqualification for Ellis when he layed his machine down to avoid the out-of-shape veteran Peter Karlsson. Referee Phil Griffin ruled Ellis was the primary cause and Newman had to fight a lone battle in the re-start.
Newman paired up with Chris Holder in heat 10 to give Poole that aggregate advantage and the Pirates preciously protected it for the next two shared heats.

A tapes disqualification for Pirate guest Rohan Tungate in heat 13 put added pressure on reserve replacement Ellis and Chris Holder couldn't stave off the threat of the unbeaten Lindgren and battling Masters as the tie went all even. Team GB members Woffinden and guest Chris Harris put Wolverhampton into the ascendency at the conclusion of heat 14 leaving Poole requiring a maximum heat advantage to force the Golden Heat ruling.

Whilst Holder gated well from trap 3, Tungate found himself out of room on the inside and spun out, earning a disqualification which sent Wolverhampton into their first final since their last championship success back in 2009. They will meet Belle Vue in the two-legged final next week.

Wolverhampton 55 (94)
F. Lindgren 2',2',3,3,2'=12+3
P. Karlsson 3,1',1',0=5+2
C. Harris 3,1,1,2'=7+1
T. Woffinden 2',3,2,3,3=13+1
S. Masters 2',3,0,2'=7+2
M. Clegg 0,2,2,0=4
K. Howarth 1,3,0,3=7
POOLE 35 (86)
C. Holder 1,2,1,2',1,1=8+1
B. Kurtz 0,0,0=0
R. Replacement =0
K. Buczkowski 0,0,1=1
R. Tungate 1,R,2,FD=3
A. Ellis 3,3,1,FD,1',1',0=9+2
K. Newman 2',1,3,3,3,2,0=14+1

Ht 1 P. Karlsson F. Lindgren C. Holder B. Kurtz 5-1 (5-1) ()
Ht 2 A. Ellis K. Newman K. Howarth M. Clegg 1-5 (6-6) ()
Ht 3 C. Harris S. Masters R. Tungate B. Kurtz 5-1 (11-7) ()
Ht 4 K. Howarth T. Woffinden K. Newman K. Buczkowski 5-1 (16-8) ()
Ht 5 A. Ellis M. Clegg P. Karlsson B. Kurtz 3-3 (19-11) ()
Ht 6 T. Woffinden C. Holder C. Harris R. Tungate (Rtd) 4-2 (23-13) ()
Ht 7 S. Masters F. Lindgren C. Holder (TR) K. Buczkowski 5-1 (28-14) ()
Ht 8 K. Newman T. Woffinden A. Ellis K. Howarth 2-4 (30-18) ()
Ht 9 K. Newman M. Clegg P. Karlsson A. Ellis (Fell d/q) 3-3 (33-21) ()
Ht 10 K. Newman C. Holder C. Harris S. Masters 1-5 (34-26) ()
Ht 11 F. Lindgren R. Tungate A. Ellis P. Karlsson 3-3 (37-29) ()
Ht 12 K. Howarth K. Newman A. Ellis M. Clegg 3-3 (40-32) ()
Ht 13 F. Lindgren S. Masters C. Holder A. Ellis 5-1 (45-33) ()
Ht 14 T. Woffinden C. Harris K. Buczkowski K. Newman 5-1 (50-34) ()
Ht 15 T. Woffinden F. Lindgren C. Holder R. Tungate (Fell d/q) 5-1 (55-35) ()

Referee Phil Griffin
Gates: Wolverhampton win toss and take 1&3.Poole 1&3 in heat 15

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