Poole claimed second spot in the league table after completing their regular programme with an emphatic 53-39 victory over deflated King's Lynn.

It was the second thrashing the Pirates have delivered out to the stars in the space of a week and the four league points picked up have moved them above Wolverhampton in the standings.
A superb four ride maximum performance from number one Chris Holder underwrote this victory that had good points coming from all quarters to give the Pirates a much-needed confidence boost.
The hosts were kept alive in this fixture by the contributions of Troy Batchelor and Robert Lambert, that pairing closing out the Stars' season with a 5-1 from heat 15, by which time Poole had done more than enough to secure the league points they had gone in search of.
Poole now await news of their semi-final opponents which will be revealed once Belle Vue have made their choice of opposition when the fourth qualifying team is finally determined later this week.

Kings Lynn 39
D. King 1,1',3,1=6+1
L. Kerr R,0,0,0=0
R. Lambert 1,2,1',3,2'=9+2
K. Huckenbeck 0,0,3,1=4
T. Batchelor 3,4,2,0,3=12
N. Porsing 3,2,1,0=6
C. Wilkinson 0,0,1,1=2
C. Holder 3,3,3,3=12
A. Ellis 2',3,2,0=7+1
R. Tungate 0,3,1',0=4+1
B. Kurtz 3,0,3,2=8
K. Buczkowski 2,1,2,2',1=8+1
B. Pedersen 2,2',1',3,0=8+2
K. Newman 1',1,2',2'=6+3

Ht 1 C. Holder A. Ellis D. King L. Kerr (Rtd) 1-5 (1-5) (59.47)
Ht 2 N. Porsing B. Pedersen K. Newman C. Wilkinson 3-3 (4-8) (60.03)
Ht 3 T. Batchelor K. Buczkowski R. Lambert R. Tungate 4-2 (8-10) (59.66)
Ht 4 B. Kurtz N. Porsing K. Newman K. Huckenbeck 2-4 (10-14) (59.93)
Ht 5 A. Ellis B. Pedersen N. Porsing L. Kerr 1-5 (11-19) (59.78)
Ht 6 C. Holder R. Lambert K. Buczkowski K. Huckenbeck 2-4 (13-23) (59.84)
Ht 7 R. Tungate T. Batchelor (TR) D. King B. Kurtz 5-3 (18-26) (60)
Ht 8 K. Huckenbeck A. Ellis B. Pedersen C. Wilkinson 3-3 (21-29) (60.28)
Ht 9 B. Kurtz K. Newman C. Wilkinson L. Kerr 1-5 (22-34) (60.4)
Ht 10 C. Holder T. Batchelor R. Lambert A. Ellis 3-3 (25-37) (59.91)
Ht 11 D. King K. Buczkowski R. Tungate L. Kerr 3-3 (28-40) (59.87)
Ht 12 B. Pedersen K. Newman C. Wilkinson N. Porsing 1-5 (29-45) (60.69)
Ht 13 C. Holder K. Buczkowski D. King T. Batchelor 1-5 (30-50) (59.97)
Ht 14 R. Lambert B. Kurtz K. Huckenbeck R. Tungate 4-2 (34-52) (60.5)
Ht 15 T. Batchelor R. Lambert K. Buczkowski B. Pedersen 5-1 (39-53) ()

Referee Mick Bates
Gates: Poole. win toss and take 1&3, Swindon took 1&3 in heat 15
Kings Lynn 0 league points POOLE 4 league points

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