REPORT: Poole Pirates v Glasgow Tigers


Poole kept their push for a top two place alive with a home victory over current second place Glasgow Tigers

But amid claims from the Poole management that  there is more to come from their chosen seven this season, the Pirates responded superbly. Ben Cook and Nathan Ablitt both made solid starts in heat two arriving at the first turn together and with Broc Nicol having impeded himself by moving at the tapes, things looke positive, but Nicol worked his way by Ablitt, the Poole youngster however determined in fending of any interests that Connor Bailey was to display and secure a 4-2 advantage.
That heat score was repeated in heat three when Danny King, in the space of the back straight, effectively sprinted through the field and to the delight of the partisan Poole fans Zach Cook held off 2021 Pirate Ben Basso and even made his presence known on the experienced Ulrich Ostergaard. Heat four might well have seen carnage as Tom Brennan lifted at the pits turn just as Richard Lawson had timed his outside blast, but somehow both riders maintained their composure and the race progressed, with again, Ablitt holding off Bailey for a second time, the result edging Poole ahead by two. 
Heat five saw the "Battle Of The Cooks" at the back as Poole's Zach rode Glasgow's Craig wide at the first turn allowing skipper Danny King to power away. The visiting number one was able to shrug off Zach but on turn three the Pirate momentarily hit back. But the 2017 British Champion came on stronger to stake his claim on the third place that shared the heat, with Danyon Hume in second. Steve Worrall was much sharper out of the tapes than he had been in the opener and partner Drew Kemp looked interested in getting by Brennan on the first lap but missed his chance. Another though presented itself when Brennan messed up turn three on lap two and the Pirates celebrated their first maximum score of the meeting. 
Ostergaard made an absolute flyer in heat seven, his movement clearly unsettling the others on the line and although Lawson closed in over latter stages he couldn't save the the heat, as Basso was a fair distance ahead of Ben Cook and the Tigers chipped away at that Poole lead. Drew Kemp made the trap in heat eight, and drafted in reserve Ben Cook was with him at one stage but Hume did well to blast through and split the Pirates (27-21). Heat nine brought about Glasgow's first line-up change, Craig Cook allocated the tactical substitute ride at the expense of the programmed Broc Nicol. It worked splendidly for the visitors as Cook joined Brennan on a 5-1 to put the squeeze back on the Pirates. Worrall gated in heat ten and Kemp wasn't far behind, although Ostergaard was between them. Basso, who had twitched at the start came battling back well to relegate Kemp to the back and share the heat, the Tigers still very much in this battle.
Ben Cook made a great first turn in heat eleven and pulled well clear of the pack whilst Lawson had to deal with an attack from Craig Cook, who had been inflicted by the movement bug at the tapes too. The deserved 5-1 for the Pirates meant it was back to a six point lead in favour of the Pirates for the third time. This time Poole showed no charity and although heat twelve was shared, both Lawson and Worrall negated Cook's strong gate as they pulled clear at the first turn to register a vital 5-1. Broc Nicol overplayed his keenness in heat fourteen as he ran into the tapes and was sent off a 15 metre handicap. His partner, Basso, though made the ideal gate in the re-run and in contrast to his rides around Wimborne Road in heat fourteen, his victory was received with muted applause from the Poole crowd, as it still left the Tigers in a position to salvage a point from this meeting.
But Lawson and Worrall were determined not to allow that to happen, and although Craig Cook rode a good race to split them, it wasn't enough to gain the Tigers any reward.

Heat details

S.Worrall 0,3,3,2',1=9+1 (5)
D.Kemp 1,2',3,0=6+1 (4)
D.King 3,3,1,3=10 (4)
Z.Cook 1,0,0,2=3 (4)
R.Lawson 3,2,2',3,3=13+1 (5)
B.Cook 3,0,1,3,1'=8+1 (5)
N.Ablitt 1,1,RS,0=2 (3)
C.Cook 2',1',2',1,1,2=9+3 (6)
D.Hume 3,2,2,0=7 (4)
U.Ostergaard 2,3,2,2,0=9 (5)
B.Basso 0,1,1',3=5+1 (4)
T.Brennan 2,0,3,0=5 (4)
B.Nicol 2,1,TS,1',0EH=4+1 (4)
C.Bailey 0,0,0,RS=0 (3)
Ht 1:  D.Hume, C.Cook, D.Kemp, S.Worrall 1-5 1-5 [59.81]
Ht 2:  B.Cook, B.Nicol, N.Ablitt, C.Bailey 4-2 5-7 [59.9]
Ht 3:  D.King, U.Ostergaard, Z.Cook, B.Basso 4-2 9-9 [59.81]
Ht 4:  R.Lawson, T.Brennan, N.Ablitt, C.Bailey 4-2 13-11 [59.87]
Ht 5:  D.King, D.Hume, C.Cook, Z.Cook 3-3 16-14 [60.72]
Ht 6:  S.Worrall, D.Kemp, B.Nicol, T.Brennan 5-1 21-15 [60.97]
Ht 7:  U.Ostergaard, R.Lawson, B.Basso, B.Cook 2-4 23-19 [61.25]
Ht 8:  D.Kemp, D.Hume, B.Cook, C.Bailey 4-2 27-21 [61]
Ht 9:  T.Brennan, C.Cook, D.King, Z.Cook, B.Nicol [Tac Subbed] 1-5 28-26 [60.5]
Ht 10:  S.Worrall, U.Ostergaard, B.Basso, D.Kemp 3-3 31-29 [60.57]
Ht 11:  B.Cook, R.Lawson, C.Cook, D.Hume 5-1 36-30 [60.63]
Ht 12:  D.King, U.Ostergaard, B.Nicol, N.Ablitt 3-3 39-33 [60.5]
Ht 13:  R.Lawson, S.Worrall, C.Cook, T.Brennan 5-1 44-34 [60.63]
Ht 14:  B.Basso, Z.Cook, B.Cook, B.Nicol[15m handicap] 3-3 47-37 [61.47]
Ht 15:  R.Lawson, C.Cook, S.Worrall, U.Ostergaard 4-2 51-39 [60.722]
REFEREE: Chris Gay 
POOLE won toss and chose gates 2&4 | GLASGOW choose gates 2&4 in heat 15  
League Points: POOLE 3 GLASGOW 0

Photos Anthony Burchell

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